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 Your SHINee Life~(LONG Results)

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PostSubject: Your SHINee Life~(LONG Results)   Mon Jan 03, 2011 8:23 am

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Yun Hee
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PostSubject: Re: Your SHINee Life~(LONG Results)   Thu Jan 20, 2011 10:42 am

The Member: Taemin
The First Encounter: While
in the library you are attempting to reach a book on the top shelf and
suddenly he pulls the book off the shelf while standing closely behind
you. You blush at his proximity and quickly give you thanks while
rushing off to hide. Luckily, he finds you every day you go the library
and eventually gets your number (^_~)
The First Date: He
takes you out of the hustle and bustle of the city into the countryside
where you both find a beautiful field filled with many types of wild
flowers. You sit and talk for a while and you suddenly begin to doze
off. While you lay asleep in the field, he goes off and picks you a
giant bouquet of the wild flowers and wakes you up with a small kiss on
the lips. Your eyes flutter open in shock and your hand goes up to
your lips as you look at his warm and beautiful face. He smiles
playfully and hands you the bouquet of flowers that you accept
enthusiastically by giving him a giant hug. On the bus ride back you
both fall asleep with your heads resting against one another.
What He Finds Most Attractive in You: Your lips
The Proposal: After
four years of dating you two begin to talk about making your
relationship permanent. So one day he takes you back to the place you
had your first date and you two begin to reminisce about your years
together. You laugh and joke about your first encounter and you even
begin to tear up a bit at the long ago memories. He wipes your small
tears away with his thumb and smiles softly at you when he says, “We
have had so many good memories and have been through so much together…I
hope to continue living like this for many years to come.” Your eyes
grow wide in surprise and you watch as he pulls out a small red box. He
opens it, revealing a delicate ring inside and he looks you deeply in
the eyes asking, “Will you marry me?” You nod your head up and down
violently and put your hand out so he can slip the ring on your finger.
“I love you” he whispers in your ear as he pulls you into a warm
embrace. “I love you too,” you reply as you bury your head into his
chest. You finally unbury yourself from the long embrace and look up
into his glistening dark brown eyes. He looks down at you, smiles and
you two share a romantic kiss.
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Posts : 444
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PostSubject: Re: Your SHINee Life~(LONG Results)   Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:56 am

The Member: Jonghyun
The First Encounter: While
on a bike ride your chain on your bike derails and while you are
attempting to fix it he walks past, stops and turns around asking "Do
you need help?" He fixes your bike in less than a minute and when you
look at him to thank him, your eyes meet his. A spark is felt between
the two of you and both he and you ask for each other's numbers at the
same time.
The First Date: You
take him out thrift store shopping and you both try on many fun and
sometimes cute outfits and take pictures together. Later on you stop
and get ice cream at a stand and while eating yours a small bit dribbles
down you chin. He takes his napkin and dabs at it lightly until it is
gone. Finally on your long walk home you pass an arcade and you grab
his hand and lead him into the arcade where you find a photo booth. You
take some silly photos, some typical peace sign photos, and then on the
last one he turns to you and kisses you right on the cheek. That was
by far your favorite photo of the evening.
What He Finds Most Attractive in You: Your smile
The Proposal: It
has been seven years since you first met him and now the two of you are
considering more than just dating in the near future. One day while
out on a bike ride together, on your adorable (and maybe a bit silly)
tandem bike. You stop in a park and get ice cream to eat while sitting
on a bench looking out on the ocean. “I wish we could be like this
forever,” you sigh as you lace your hand inside of his own and glance
his way and then back out at the ocean. He looks over at you and asks,
“Like what?” You sigh again and reply, “Like this, together.” He
smiles knowingly and says, “Why don’t we do that?” This time you turn
to him and look him dead in the eye to see if he is serious. “You mean
to say…” He interrupts you by getting up and taking a small black box
out of his pocket as he kneels in front of you. “We can be like this
forever if you will accept me as your husband? Marry me?” You begin to
cry and he wipes away your tears with his thumb. You put out your hand
for him to slide the beautiful ring onto and you both get up and hug.
You both remain in the warm embrace for minutes and finally when you
pull out of it, he kisses you lightly on the forehead and whispers, “I
love you.” A couple more tears stream down your face but you quickly
wipe them away and whisper back, “I love you too.”
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PostSubject: Re: Your SHINee Life~(LONG Results)   

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Your SHINee Life~(LONG Results)
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